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If you browse through the Internet, you will find plenty of people claiming that they are aware of plenty of Webkinz cheats that you can use for things such as getting more Kinzcash. If you want to use any of these cheats, that is entirely up to you. You should be aware, however, that you will be taking a bit of a risk if you decide to use these cheats because Ganz has made it quite clear that they are opposed the use of these cheats.


One the Ganz website, you will even find an official statement from Ganz. Within this statement, the company states that it is aware that some of its members are trying to use certain "tools" in order to cheat on the site. The company goes on to say that using cheats is considered to be an attempt to circumvent the security set up on the system and, as such, it is considered a violation of the User Agreement.


Since you will be violating the User Agreement when you use cheats, Ganz reserves the right to immediately and permanently terminate your account. The company states that you will receive the same repercussions whether you have just one pet or if you have 50. Similarly, the company will close your account even if you used the system just one time.

The company is quite serious about this rule and is being very strict in enforcing the policy. Claiming that a "friend" used a cheat on your account will not be considered any excuses. At the same time, the company is reasonable and willing to work with those that may be innocent victims of some kind. Therefore, if you happen to discover a large amount of Kincash in your account, don't spend it and notify Ganz right away. This way, your account won't be closed. 




WebKinz Money Tricks and Tips

There are rumors of Webkinz cheat codes, but using such codes and exploiting those codes can result in loosing access to your Webkinz account.  Your Webkinz account can be cancelled and your secret codes that came with your Webkinz pet can no longer be used.  If you follow our Kinz Cash tips and visit KinzParty.com frequently you should have plenty of Webkinz KinzCash.


If you need more kinzcash, the easiest place to start is your own house. Look around and count all your stuff. If you don't feel like you need some of them, go ahead and sell them for extra cash.


Each time you adopt a pet, you will get a lot of unique special items. Some of these can go for a lot of money and if you don't need them, you can sell them at the shop for more kinzcash


Did you over spend decorating your house? You can sell your furniture for loads of cash. The trick is to go ahead and buy the cheaper stuff. Plus, your house gets to look different and unique.


Here's any easy way to get money, but you can only do this one a week. Open the Webkinz Newspaper and at the top click on the Contact Us button. Then go ahead and click the Comments and Suggetions tab. Go ahead and click on the Poll and everything you answer, you get 50 kinzcash and an increase in your health.


Are you friendly and havd a lot of friends? Invite them over to your house and play games together!


Easy tip - Playing DiceKinz will pay you 40 KinzCash for quiting!!! And if you buy the puzzle for your house, the hardest level pays you sweet 50 KinzCash

In the arcade, start playing zingoz pop. Score higher than 100 kinzcash then intentionally lose and press replay. Press 2 player then pick 2 of any balls and let it start then press the gold x. You will win the same amount of kinzcash you won in the last game.Use this cheat code repeatedly and its endless webkinz money!!!


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