The Book: 
"How To Arrange a Real WebKinz® Party at Home EASILY!"
(And Get Lots of Presents!)

WebKinz Party Book - New!!!

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WebKinz Birthday Party Book

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In This Book You Will Learn:

  • What to do in the Webkinz® Party!
  • How to make Webkinz® decorations!
  • How to get everyone to come to the party!
  • How much it will cost!
  • What games to play in a KinzParty™!
  • How to have a lots of FUN!
  • How to make a Webkinz® Cake!
Special Things Inside Our Book:
  • KinzParty™ Invitations
  • KinzParty™ "Thank You" Cards
  • KinzParty™ Layout
  • KinzParty™  - Special Tips!
  • The bookincludes 24 games to choose from!!!
  • The book has 67 pages full of details!
Why Our Book is so special?
  • We have explored Webkinz™ phenomena
    and we know exactly what kids like about games
    and what makes a fun KinzParty™. 
  • We asked many kids what they would like to do at their own KinzParty™
    and this book is the result of their answers.
  • To play the games you will need minimal supplies.
  • step-by-step instructions!
  • All you need to do is get prepared for the KinzParty™
    by just reading, printing, cutting, taping and buying prizes for the kids.

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     you arrange a great Webkinz
    ® Party.

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